Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Finalists 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is an award born with the finality to help wildlife. This year the finalists are 41 from many countries of the world. It is the third year and the competition is growing. Finality is to help wildlife through conservation. InRead More →

Funny aniomals wild

Funny animals the joke of the day The explorer and the lion An explorer suddenly finds himself facing a very large lion. The scared explorer says,” God, let this lion be only a Christian apparition … “And the lion replies:” God, bless this meal!” Bad moments for bats Two batsRead More →

Wild funny animals This is one a good way for to forget the 2017 and say welcome to 2018,  nice clips, many with wild funny  animalsRead More →

Funny animal wild  [wp_bannerize group=”inarticle”] The funny animal in this footage can  watch polar bears, brown bear, monkey, raccoons, lizard, reindeer, gray wolf, red fox, giraffe, flamingos, birds and black bear. So is possible to find funny situation in the world wild? Yes is it, but just is difficult toRead More →

Is unbelievable, basically we thinks at the wild animals like something untouchable, but this clips showing a different behavior, lion with dogs, monkeys with cats, tiger with bear, discover in this amazing video the side sweet of the wild [wp_bannerize group=”inarticle”]Read More →