For Safari Lovers Lions vs Zebra Hunting

I’ve decided to post this video because the behavior of safari drivers need to be condemned, the  video show a hunting by two lionesses, the scene is cruel as usually but is the rule of wild life,  about the safari drivers , is normal to try to go close the scene but they need to remember they are disturbing a natural event, at the end the number of jeeps become at list 13 and they are at 3 or 4 meters from the pride , even if is not specified by the park rules is not suggested to stay in large number close the animals. Inside Ngorongoro Crater for example the limit is 5 jeeps. We want to remember the Parks and Reserves was been created for protection of wildlife environment included and specially the wild animals, so i think the next step now is to educate the driver at the respect. I know sometime the clients push them to do but is in this moment where the safari guide can show is a professional guide, clients don’t pay for illegal things, client pay for to see and understand the protect environment and in the respect of environment .[wp_bannerize group=”inarticle”] This problem is present specially in Africans parks where the drivers/guides mostly times are not real guide and so they don’t have the basically culture about the environment where they work, they know the the animals names and threes names but the important information which you can have only with the guide school they don’t have. Must to remember which these drivers/guide mostly time they are poor and they don’t have any economic possibility for to go at guide school, the school is very expensive and only small numbers of lucky drivers helped by some tourists after become friends they have the exams and become qualified. In this problem is the local govern who mistake, a country with a good vision help the not professional guide to become professional, is an investment for the future of tourism in Africa.