Meet orcas whales and dolphins

Orcas looking for seals

Kayaking meet orcas whales and dolphins

Meet orcas

This is a tribute to Nathan Pettigrew, a man who like Kayaking in New Zealand. Like you can read on his Youtube channel, he loves the wild marine animals and the interaction with them in respect of the wildlife interaction rules. We love people with this kind of approach to nature, with respect.

meet orcas

People like Nathan usually love even to promote this kind of approach. And they do this because their relationship with nature and wildlife is big and deep. Is very comfortable to hear which some species, are now in a better situation than in the past. During the video, you can watch Orcas, leopard seal, bottlenose dolphin, southern right whale, the humpback whale. If you want to visit New Zealand and watch the marine mammals, is better before you read this post of the official department of conservation of New Zealand.


Many activities need a permit. Perhaps if you have a guided tour you don’t need but is better anyway to read all.  In case you want to interact with mammal alone, you will need a permit. Especially if you’ll filming and then will share on blogs or social media. Follow the rules because the Govern’s effort is important and need the help of anyone, locals, and tourists.

Like you can see in the video, the mammals arrive very close to the beach. And is possible to observe the animals simply sit down on the rock, this approach ave many advantages. For example, you don’t need a boat, or maybe some member of your group doesn’t like to meet orcas so close. Perhaps the most important is that if you don’t use the boats you help to reduce the background noise in the environment.

The mammals like orcas dolphins or whales use the sound for to research preys. The same concept of sonar, so if in the environment there is a lot of background noise, the mammals are disturbed in his hunting.

Thanks, Nathan Pettigrew for the beautiful and emotional video