Polar Night Northern Lights

Northern Lights in Murmansk, the northernmost part of Russia. Polar Night

How much is wild the polar night?

This documentary is charming and talks about the Polar Night.

Ok someone can tell is not strictly wild but for me is an error. The northern place, even if inhabited by the civilized , is wild and in the documentary is explained well.

Effects on the metabolism of the Polar Night

Our body has some hours of the night and some hours of daylight typically. It needs the sun, and all the metabolism is balanced well. So you can have sweet dreams in the night time, and you are very active during daylight. When the night is 4 months long for the local people body’s it is severe stress. James is trying on himself the problems of the Arctic Night. The big question is how to make our body accustomed to this extreme condition.

So now maybe it is more clear why life, even in the new and comfortable condition, is wild. The documentary follows showing the observation of the Aurora Borealis during the Polar Night. This vast and spectacular effect come from mother nature.

What the Aurora Borealis is

The charged particles collision causes the Aurora Borealis effect. Generally, these particles are electrons and protons. When the electrons collide with the atoms, the atoms have excited, and when they are de-energized, they release energy in the shape of light. Generally green and sometimes red, it depends on the wavelength.


Credits: RT Documentaries

Correspondent : James Brown