Vaquita or Gulf Of California Harbor Porpoise

Vaquita or Gulf Of California Harbor Porpoise Harbor Porpoise Scientific Name: Phocoena sinus English name: Vaquita or Gulf Of California Porpoise Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Mammalia Class: Chordata Order: Cetartiodactyla Family: Phocoenidae Link to Red List page: vaquita or Gulf Of California Harbor Porpoise in the red list  Habitat: The vaquita habitat is small.Read More →

operation milagro

 Sea Shepherd Operation Milagro IV Operation Milagro IV Hence even this year we share the Sea Shepherd video. This video explains the Operation Milagro. It is a campaign against the poaching in Mexico’s Sea of Cortes. For the fourth consecutive year, Sea Shepherd is in the forefront. The battle againstRead More →