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Leonardo di Caprio

Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation for Nepal Tigers The project When people with a good project and firm intentions join together the results can be only good. This is the case of the Nepal tiger project. From 2010 Leonardo di Caprio Foundation had financed the Nepal Govern project for the safeguarding of … Read more

Trump suspend import in US from Zimbabwe trophy hunt

distruction of Illegal ivory

Zimbabwe Trophy hunt in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Trophy hunt in the last days a Trump’s administration decision has inflamed the debate about trophy hunting. Trump’s administrations have removed the stop at the importing in the US from Zimbabwe trophy hunt.

In the same day protests by the animalist and conservationists all around the world have yelled against this foolish decision.

Yesterday the President with a twit said the decision is suspended up to a new update. We need to understand this, the decision has related Zimbabwe only and we need to remember that Namibia and South Africa can import in the US the trophy hunting.

In the stone age

Donald Trump Zimbabwe Trophy Hunt
Photo by Gage Skidmore CC licensed

The challenge is to understand if the conservation project of Zimbabwe is good and clear. For us is not good and even about clear we have

many doubts.

Someone say we don’t have a title for to judge how the locals do for to protect wildlife!! I disagree, first because is at least strange to think is necessary to kill one elephant or one lion for to preserve other elephants or lions. If is true is meaning that we are again at the stone age. I can’t believe we are almost ready to colonize Mars ad we are not able to preserve animals without killing them.

I want to remark I’m not against hunting in general but only if is for eating and not protected species, when it is just for the satisfaction of kill an animal is a bad practice.

We think at this moment Zimbabwe have a political crisis and if we had more doubts before this crisis, now we have more. Especially because from many parts arrived the voice about an high-level corruption. And is not possible to control if the money has been used for protection.

The false excuse of conservation

Focus now is coming back to the war from how to consider the hunting good for conservation ( the hunters) and how to consider the hunting at the protected species a crime ( conservationists).

I prefer to suggest both to produce proofs about their own reasons. We need to read the studies from scientists and other authoritative sources. It is necessary to define definitely a common policy and encourage even to use in other countries.

We want to remember that Botswana for example, decided to ban the hunting in his country. The elephant population is prosperous much more than Zambia and South Africa and Zimbabwe.

We think the question is simple. When a country is well managed and the protection program is good and strong the results will be good. And like in Botswana and the benefit will arrive from tourism especially with a better brand.

It is difficult, obviously but is the right way. It is crucial to involve the local populations in the project otherwise, all efforts will be futile.
At this moment I read the news in Cnn site Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has resigned.
I’m happy, in the last years this leader has almost destroyed his country and put the population in total poverty.

Good Luck Zimbabwe