The Animals Of The Forest Want laughs

The animals of the forest want laughs

The animals in the forest are bored, nothing ever happens. Then to pass the time they decide to organize a contest of jokes. To avoid boring beginners, they insert a cruel clause: the sole judge will be the tortoise. If the turtle does not laugh the competitor will be beheaded. The monkey is the first courageous competitor and tells a joke about the nuns that makes everyone laugh, all the defenders, less turtles. And they beheaded her. Then it is the turn of the lion, which tells a joke about drunks. Again, everyone laughs except the turtle and the lion loses his head. Then the elephant arrives. When he gets to the middle of the joke, he hears the turtle starting to laugh out loud as he screams: – Hahahaha, the nuns were beautiful !!!

Hygiene of Fuffy

A refined lady, looking very young and chic, is making purchases from the gardener. His dog Fuffy, without his knowledge, is licking here and there, and this with great annoyance of the owner of the store. The latter, after having been patient for a while, gently calls the lady’s attention, who turns towards the dog and says to him: “Come on, stop Fuffy! Do not you see that the fruit is not washed?”



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