The Hiking boots choice

The goal of hiking boots

Hiking boots choice must to start with some consideration: feet are the connection of our body with the ground. They are probably the most complex joint, and they support the total weight of the body during walking. So, if you choose an incorrect shoe and you start for trekking, it almost sure gets matters. If you follow to use improper shoes, the problems you will encounter will become severe. You can have a simple inflammation that can be cured in a few days or acute tendonitis for which it will take months of treatment. For this reason, it is a must to be cautious when you buy trekking shoes.

Trekking shoes are important, and better say crucial in the trekking activity. First, you have to considerate the length of the trekking. Second, you have to evaluate the duration in hours of any day. Third, you must know the kind of terrain you will walk.

Hiking boots and length of trekking

length of trail is the first consideration, and many times, people forget to pay enough attention to this. The short trekking as three days is different from fifteen days long trekking. In the short trekking, you can use relatively light shoes. On the opposite instead, in long trekking will be necessary to use durable, reliable, and comfortable shoes. There is nothing worse than a pair of painful shoes.

Length of the daily trekking

We watch now inside daily trekking and the relation with hiking boots; it is the activity we can do during the weekend. There is no reason to considerate the daily length of the trekking less important. Most foot traumas occur during short treks. People think short walking is better to do using very comfortable shoes, like tennis shoes. This is true only if you’ll walk on asphalt, where the ground is perfectly flat, and there isn’t a particularly tricky. But if you will go in nature in a wild path better considerate a right trekking shoe.

Is your trekking in wild path?

During the planning of trek, we know the ground we’ll encounter. Sometimes the environment can considerably change, and you can find a normal path in the bush, or mountain path with technical sections. So, when the trekking becomes technical, is necessary to use technical hiking boots. For example, to cross easy section on rocks require a technical shoe with the special sole. In this particular case, the shoe is less comfortable because the hardness of the sole will be greater. It is necessary to have more grip on the rock, and the possibility of use maybe a small section of the sole. So, in the case of stone, less comfort more safety.

high shoes or flat shoes?

Personally i think this question is in most cases trivial. We told above, at the beginning, the foot is the most complex articulation of the body. The ankle is the most complex and delicate of the foot. The classic sprained ankle is easy to get and very hard to cure

So, that the better shoe for trekking is the high shoe, or better the the trekking boot. We suggest the flat shoe only in case of city walking or flat ground.

Considerate our suggestion even under another way, your safety depend in large part from you physical integrity. The sprained ankle can stop you from walking, and if you are on the forest, in remote area maybe will be difficult to ask and obtain help.

Hiking boots in the shop

The specialized shops usually have even a specialized helpers. But better you go with clear ideas. Try the boots in pair, don’t try one only. Another important tip is to carry with you the socks you’ll use normally in trekking. So you can know the real comfort of the bots in the best arrangement. If is a good shop is equipped with the trail simulator.

It is imperative, after wearing boots you wait up some minutes and then try to walk on the simulator. Move up and down more times and pay attention to all the sensations you receive from boots. The simulator is studied to allowing you to try the shoes in lousy condition. It simulates positive and negative slope and even some stones. When you walk on rocks ,the ankle must be protected and at the same time comfortable. The time you spend in trying is the better time you can spend.


Hiking boots better comfort is connected to the best material and best manufacture. Like for technical clotes, better boots use better materials, and they are made from better brands. Quality of the sole is essential, and the best sole for trekking, hiking, and mountaineering is Vibram.

The leather upper is another distinctive character of better shoes, anyway many brands offer new model in synthetic material. Our suggestion is to choose the leather upper.

Especially in case of waterproof boots you must to pay attention to correct breath. It is preferred a inner membrane in Gore-tex, that permit to stop water and a good breath.

In conclusion

In summary, check the use of the boots, the kind of trekking, the materials, and try it before buy. The price is the last parameter, the quality is expensive immediately but a good boot can be used for a decade. So my suggest is don’t buy a cheap boot, wait instead and buy the best. Your safety and your health are the only important things.

In the end, remember: a good boot cannot make a good hiker, just can help him, and it is not a small thing.

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