The Parrot and the Magician

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The magician  and the parrot

This is the story of a magician who did his shows during cruises in the West Indies in a luxury ship.
While the public is renewed every 15 days, the magician allows himself to repeat the same numbers again and again, without ever renewing them.

Everything would be fine for this man, if the captain’s parrot, seeing repeated the same numbers, did not understand what were the tricks of each of his tricks. Unfortunately, the parrot was allowed to scream in the middle of the show:

– Look, it’s not the same hat!

– Look, hide the flowers under the table!
or again:

– Hey, all the cards in the game are Ace of Diamonds!

Besides that, the parrot resounded the whole room with his observations, ended up making the magician furious, especially since he could do nothing against the beast since the bird belonged to the captain.

One day, while the magician was representing, the ship hit another ship and sinks.

The magician finds himself suspended on a wooden beam in the middle of the sea, with the parrot next to him, of course.

The magician throws a hateful look at the bird that makes him feel good. Nobody speaks for a day; the next day, the same; the next day, always the same.

In the end, after four days, the parrot says:
– Ok, I’m giving up. Where is the boat?


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