The Ventriloquist

The boss, curious, plays the game. The man then takes out a guinea pig from his pocket, places it on the counter and the animal stands on its two hind legs and begins to dance the polka. The boss reacts: “You’re right, I’ve never seen this before, it’s amazing – here’s your drink.”
A few minutes later, the man who wants a second drink offers the boss: “For a second miracle, would you offer me another drink?”
The boss, still curious, accepts. The man then takes a toad out of his other pocket and places it on the counter. The toad clears his throat and begins to sing. He has a beautiful soprano voice.
Seeing this, one of the clients of the bar addresses the man:
“I give you 1000 francs of your toad!”
– “It works,” replies the man, placing the toad in the client’s hand.
And, as an aside, the boss of the bar addresses the man by whispering in his ear:
– “You are sick, such an animal, it’s worth millions …”
The man answers: – “Not really, it’s the guinea pig that is ventriloquist.”

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