Torobo hunter-gatherer of Rift Valley

Torobo hunter-gatherer

The Torobo knows as Dorobo

What Torobo is meaning

The following paragraph is from the site In hundreds of Kenya and Tanzania’s’ tribes, there are thousands of cultural influences. So it is very difficult to understand the exact rule of the Dorobo people.

The “Dorobo” are not one tribe.  Rather, the term Dorobo referred to the original forest-dwelling hunters in the Rift Valley of what is now Kenya and Tanzania.  These peoples live in scattered groups in the plains of the Rift Valley and the forests of the neighboring escarpments.


The Maasai tribe calls the Dorobo people “Torobo”. And it is meaning People without cattle in Maa language.

Torobo hunterer gatherer

Hunters and not shepherds 

It is necessary to mention the importance of cattle in the Maasai culture. The dimension of the herd of a single Maasai man defines his social status. If a Maasai have no one cattle is considered very poor. If a Maasai man has thousands of cattle he is considered very rich.

From their origin, the Dorobo was people that they live thanks to the hunting of wild animals. So when the Nilotic tribes like Maasai colonized the Rift Valley they considered the Donobo as poor people. In the same time, the Donobo accepted their inferiority compared to the groups that owned herds of cows.

At the modern time, the Donobo lives into many tribes. The most important are the Maasai, Samburu, and Kikuyu, and maybe the most important is the Okiek. But one thing characterizes these people, they maintain his cultural identity. So even if they are now integrated with the Maasai the don’t have cattle. They hunt for surviving and they keep honey.

In conclusion

we can say that in the future the Torobo culture probably will disappear. The new generations will birth into the local communities, so easily they will be members of these communities. This process will be slow in remote rural areas or fast in the cities.

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