Trekking Clothes

When you have the plan of your trekking you can understand which clothes are needed. Usually, the trekking is more days long. Any day represents a stage and any stage is different, as different is the weather that you will find. So, in more days long trekking you have to decide in advance what to carry with you. A lot of things are heavy to carry and can compromise your performance. At the opposite insufficient clothes can cause issues, and sometimes can be very danger.

Technical clothing vs traditional clothing

In any activity, we produce a small or big quantity of sweat. Sweat is prevalently water and some other substances like minerals present in small quantity. Here we talk about a very important property of the sweat, through the water is a big heat conductor. And one of the reasons for sweating is the thermal interchange. This process is a reaction of our body to a particular condition.

Clothes in natural fibers like cotton are excellent and have a good sensation on the skin. Despite this cotton holds water, so is necessary long time to dry it.

Clothes in polypropylene are not very comfortable on the skin but they help the water to go out from the fabric.

After this consideration, we can understand that a very breathable material is a good choice for trekkers. Especially if the temperature is low like in the mountains. When you stop if you are sweat can be dangerous.

Clothes in contact with the skin

T-shirt and underwear better if are in very breathable materials. However, it is good Idea to carry at least 2/3 as a spare. In trekking more days long if you find a water source you can clean the clothes and dry easily. But if you don’t find water is necessary to have spare clothes. Remember, the sweat is water but also salt, this salt working on your skin can give you some matters.

Trekking Trousers the must of trekking clothes

Many people thinks the trekking trousers are a easy choice. The first consideration is the environment of the trekking. If you go on mountain paths is preferred to use long trousers. The reasons are many, but the principal is the variety of situations you can find on your walking. On the mountain, you can pass through snow sometimes or small bushes, or again on zones with many insects. In any one of these situations is better to use long trousers.

In the market there are models with many different characteristics, for example maybe you like the one can be trasformed in short through the zip. Or with additional zips on the external sides.

There is a possibility to encounter light rain so the material as per t-shirt must be dried quickly.

trekking trousers

Trekking Over-Trousers

In case of heavy rain will be necessary to use over-trousers. There are many kinds of overtrousers, from cheap in nylon to expensive in Gore-Tex, Powertex, Scholler, or the Sympatex and the Marmot MemBrain® Strat.

The price can condition the choice, but nothing is nothing, and hi value is hi value. Over-trousers in nylon are entirely waterproof, but even they are not breathable. So my suggestion is to have in plastic just for emergency or backup.

An essential condition for over-trousers is the zip on the sides to allow them to be worn even with heavy boots or crampons.

Trekking Jacket

The jacket is another important part of your trekking clothes. As the over-trousers is very important the breathability. To have breathability and at the same time the waterproof you need the technical materials. Anyway is a bit complicate the choice, the offer of technical jackets is very big. So you need to have the right idea of the use even in the time of the jacket. I think the best materials are Gore-Tex, Powertex, Schoeller, or the Sympatex and the Marmot MemBrain® Strat. The hood must be adjustable through an elastic rope and permit the protection of glasses eventually. If you can buy a jacket that permits the large movements of the arms.

Jackets are very expensive, of course, you can buy something cheap but the problem is the quality of materials and usability. If you plan trekking like this is better you buy a good quality jacket

If you want to save money you can, but you have to know you need to prevent issues and most of the time you will carry more weight. You can buy a jacket in common material but you must carry even the poncho at least.

trekking jacket
Technical trekking jacket


Oh in this section I’m happy to tell you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Here you can save money!! Obviously, if you like to wear sweats signed you will pay. But if you need just a sweater you have to buy a pile. A simple pile made from recycled plastic. Personally, I have a wardrobe full of piles and let me tell you, is the money better spent.

The main bring is the capacity to carry out the sweat. This is fundamental, imagine to arrive at a shelter during the rain, you can remove the wet and wear the dray. If you can switch on fire, you can dry it in minutes and then you start again.

So the main material for sweater is the pile.


About socks is a little bit complex. I want to remark that foot is probably the more complex limb that we have. The feet must support all our weight plus the backpack for miles and days. So very thing down there must be good. Any feet is different, shape, physical characteristics, mechanical characteristics.

trekking socks


Many other trekking clothes can help us in trekking, but they are secondary respect the items above. One of these is the hat, in winter will be in pile or whole and summer better a cap with visor in cotton. Other suggest in winter is the gloves, light or technical but you need to have with you.

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