Trekking Peru Cordillera Huayhuash

Trekking Peru Cordillera Huayhuash

Trekking Peru Cordillera Huayhuash is probably the best South Americas’ trekking. It is even one of the best worldwide.

Trekking Peru Cordillera Huayhuash is good for everyone but with some recommendations. First of all the altitude must be kept in high consideration. The development of the route is long and the altitude is constantly above 4000 mt (13000 ft).

The environment

The scenery of Trekking Peru Cordillera Huayhuash is majestic and savage, you are walking on some of the most famous mountains in the Americas’ continent.  The major mountains touching the altitude of 6600 mt. But is not enough, watching these you understand immediately you are in front of some of the most inaccessible mountains of the Americas. Just you need to go in the Cordillera Blanca on Nevado Huascaran or in Alaska on the Denali or in Patagonia on Cerro Torre, Fizz Roy, Torres del Paine if you want to find a challenge at this level.

In the story of mountaineering

Peru Trekking Cordillera Huayhuash
© Wild Animals In wild Lands | The impressive glaciers of the Cordillera Huayhuash

It is not a case if in the past just some of the best mountaineers have climbed these mountains. Like the Italians Reinhold Messner, Riccardo Cassin, Walter Bonatti. These Mountains are one of the best examples of the highly difficult technical climbing. The faces of the mountains are both vertical, and in large part covered by ice. For not experts, I want to remember that there is a big difference between the European or Himalayan and Andes’ ice. The Andes’ ice is influenced by the Pacific oceans’ climate. It is a very technical and delicate climbing and of course very dangerous. How can’t remember the Touching the void movie? the Joe Simpson and Simon Yates adventure. An incredible true story occurred on Siula Grande. The climbing routes of these mountains were classified almost all  ED (Extremely Dangerous) and are characterized by the classical beautiful snow flutings.

The engagement

Another thing that you need to keep in mind about Trekking Peru Cordillera Huayhuash is the length of the circuit and the time necessary to complete it.

The days programmed can be 12 or 13, this is the classic normal route but someone can decide to modify it and cut or add days.

We suggest doing a lot of training on the mountain. It is very important to arrive in Peru with a good physical condition. So will be less difficult for your body to acclimatize at the high quote.

The approach


Trekking Peru Cordillera Huayhuash
© Wild Animals In wild Lands – Peru the life above 4000 mt

Usually, you will arrive in Lima by flight and there are two solutions to reach the beginning of the trek. One is by internal flight and is the more comfortable. the second is by bus that is long and not very comfortable, the buses are good but the way is climbing some mountains, to start from the sea level and to arrive above 4000 mt in small time is not easy for the body. In any case, you will arrive in Huaraz where stay at least one night. If you can add one night, Huaraz is at 3000 mt and will be good for acclimatization.

The following program includes just the trekking’ days so at this days you will need to add the acclimatization days and the necessary day to go back to Lima. For who want to add some cultural days at the trekking (very good idea) we suggest to do it at the end of the trekking.

Trekking Peru Cordillera Huayhuash

Day 1 From Huaraz to Cuarthelhuain

This day will help you in the acclimatization phase, in fact from the 3000 mt of Huaraz you will arrive at the 3900 mt of Cuarthelhuain. In this step to help the acclimatization, we suggest after a small stop in Cuarthelhuain to go ahead up to 4100/4200 mt of altitude then go back to 3900 of Cuarthelhuain. The day after you will have a pass at 4700 mt and the 200/300 mt did the day before will be very important to help your acclimatization.

Day 2 From Cuarthelhuain to Janca

The first day above the 4000 mt so is good don’t underestimate, the pass is at 4700 mt and even if the distance is not a lot is better to be prepared from the day before.

Day 3 From Janca to Laguna Carhuacocha

A day very similar to the previous, another pass at 4650 mt and then you will arrive at Laguna Carhuacocha. The view is spectacular, you at the foot of Jirishancas El Toro and Yeupajas.

Day 4 From Laguna Carhuacocha to Huyyhuash

Another beautiful day, now you will be perfectly acclimatized so you can fully live your adventure. Starting from Carhuacocha you walk over the Laguna Siula and watch the Siula Grande at your right. Following the trek, you have another pass at 4600 mt and after that going ahead you will see the panorama of Carnicero,  Juarau, and Trapecio. Arrived at Huayhuash you can rest there.

Day 5  From Huayhuash to Laguna Viconga

In this day there is a pass at 4770 mt and from this spectacular view is possible to admire the Cordillera Raura. Arrived at Laguna Viconga you will fix the camp around the thermal baths.

Day 6 From Laguna Viconga to Quebrada Huanacpatay

In this day you will high again the altitude of the trek. In fact will be necessary to reach Cuyocpunta at 4975 mt. The camp will be at the view of Nevados Puscanturpas

Day 7 From Quebrada Huanacpatay to Quebrada Sarapo

This is an easy day, where is possible to recover strength. Around six hours but prevalently in descent.

Day 8 From Quebrada Sarapo to Huayllapa

This is a strong day but with big satisfaction, the most prepared and adventurous trekkers can do a pass at 5150 mt using no track route. Finally, you will arrive at Huayllapa.

Day 9 From Huyallapa to Quebrada Jashapampa

In this day There is a long transfer and it is characterized by a pass at 4750 mt. It is the Tapushpunta and after the pass, you will descend at Quebrada Jashapampa.

At this point, if you like to reach the summit of one mountain it will be possible and Trekking Peru Cordillera Huayhuash becomes complete. You can add one day and climb the “Diablo Mudo (Mute Devil)” 5427 mt. It is a climbing where is necessary just a knowledge of the progression on the ice. In case you decide to do this day, will be better to establish the camp at the beginning of the Quebrada Ancocancha. It is a better starting point to the Diablo Mudo climbing. The ascension to Diablo Mudo it not explained here because even if considered not very difficult, it is a climbing on ice, and is required a different level of knowledge from trekking. To be more clear, if you don’t know what is meaning PD and 45 degrees Diablo Mudo is not for you, don’t risk your life.

Day 10 From Quebrada Jashapampa to Laguna Jashuacocha

This is another beautiful day. You will see again the back face of Yerupaja but even the Rasac and Tsacras. In this day you can have more chance to sight a condor.

Day 11 From Laguna Jahuacocha to Llamac

It is the final day when after you filled your ice and your soul of mountains you will arrive at the end of the trekking. Llamac is generally the endpoint but will depend even on the agency you will use. It will be possible to end in other places. Of course, from the result is the same, the adventure is ended.

In conclusion

We want to recommend Trekking Peru Cordillera Huayhuash. It is really one of the best in the world. It is considered medium difficulty and we agree. Please, organize all and prepare yourself well. It is the base for the full success of the adventure.

Last suggestion is regarding the issues that can happen. The most frequent is the stomach disease, so is better to provide with you some medicine for it. Considerate to carry with you a filter to sanitize the water. You can find in commerce many kinds and is not expensive especially if you considerate the discomfort that you can have.

If you are looking for tips for the most suitable tent for a trekking on the Huayhuash cordillera you can consult this post.

Enjoy your trekking


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