Two Friends And Two Kittens

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Two Friends And Two Kittens

Arnold wakes up one morning, opens the door to collect the liter of milk and finds on the door two little kittens waiting for him.
To which man can not help but pick up the two kittens and offer him the warmth of the house as it is also raining outside. But when he gets back from spending, his wife does not agree to keep these 2 kittens and orders the generous husband to get rid of them.

The same afternoon the man leaves the house with these 2 kittens and leans them behind the garbage dump and runs away. The solution turns out to be useless because the kittens exactly one hour later reappear at the door of the family.

At this point Arnold, picks up the phone and calls John, his dear and trustworthy friend, known to solve every problem. He tells John the whole story and he advises him to hide it behind the florist, quite far away and quite complicated for the memory of 2 little kittens.

The next morning Arnold takes the kittens near the florist, returns home, but shortly after 2 am he returns home. Same story, Arnold calls Mario and explains what happened.

This time John advised to get to the stadium and leave them there, it would have been impossible, given the distance, for cats to get closer. But no, here they are again.

Final solution

Arnold can not take it anymore and calls John again, who gives him another solution: “Do it this way, so it will be impossible for them to return home. Arrive at the junction, take it and proceed straight until the third junction to the right, go straight and turn left at the second, at a certain point there is a junction, the first on the right and the second on the left, made 200 meters and juxtaposed on right, there’s a kind of cave. Come in, there is a fork, not the one on the right but the one on the left, go 50 meters and find another, this time go left, go another 100 meters and be careful because on the right there is a small tunnel .

Leave them there! ” John leaves the cats there.

The next day is John who, pleased, calls Arnold: “Hello Arnold, then? They did not see the cats again? “, And Arnold:” But fuck you go, if it was not for the cats with the cock that I returned home! ”

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