We are into Top 50 Wildlife Blogs

Wild Animals In Wild Lands Top 50 Wildlife Blogs

Wild Animals In Wild Lands is growing and is into Top 50 Wildlife Blogs

The beginning

When we had started our adventure, some months ago, we knew it is a very hard job. Day by day we try to build a robust internet site with a flexible structure. Up to now, in the site was present two sections.

A portal to the wildlife dedicated 

Lions Masai Mara Kenya - Top 50 Wildlife Blogs
Lions resting under the tree in Masai Mara National Reserve

You can find the animal section but even the land section dedicated to the lands where the wildlife is relevant. Obviously, these two characteristics have the common line in the extreme environment. For example, Alaska or Siberia. So the men who go to these regions to explore are adventurers and we dedicate another section to them.

Adventurers are even the mountaineers who climb the eight-thousanders or who explore the infinite rock walls of Yosemite or Patagonia. So we have to dedicate a section to this adventures.

The world we know is in large part explored and many of the discovery has contributed to our progress. To these men will find space in “wild adventure ” section.

The Blog

The blog no need explanation is the section dedicated to the actuality, the news regarding the wild world. In the blog, as our friends know, you can find space even the activity of the various associations. Associations which work in defense of our planet and especially the wildlife. Their action is crucial to creating a common conscience of the importance of biodiversity.

We cannot forget our future and especially the future of next generations. The health of our planet depends on our behavior. So who defend our planet have a special place in our Blog.

The wildlife tourism

Coming to this days we announce that we have opened the new section dedicated to travel and tourism. Someone asked us where is the connection between wildlife and tourism. The answer it is easy, much more people when planning their holidays they look for something connected to wildlife.

This is very important because many communities have understood is better to convert their economy from the hunting of wild animals to the wildlife tourism. So we want to encourage who take this choice and promote them.

In the Travel Destination where you can find articles about best wildlife destination in the world.

Finally our pride

The blog Feedspot announce that Wild Animals In Wild Lands is in their panelist as one of the Top 50 Wildlife Blogs on the web!! Look at the Blog page here

We are very happy of this and we want to say thanks to Feedspot and all our followers. Our efforts are dedicated to creating an important wildlife and adventures lover community. We hope with the help of everyone will be possible soon.

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