What to do with an injured bird

Sometimes it happens that during a walk in the garden and in the woods, an injured bird is found. This happens more frequently in the spring.

What to do with an injured bird?

The first thing to do if you find an injured bird is to understand if it is really a wounded bird or if it is a chick that came out of the nest for its first flying lessons.

In the case of an injured bird and you are in the garden of your home, it is easier to help.
Get some disposable latex gloves, a rather large cardboard box. Drill holes in the box so that there is sufficient ventilation.

Put on your gloves, and with decision but delicacy take the bird in your hand and place it in the box. Close the box well, in this way the darkness will help the animal to feel more calm.

Keep the bird in the box for at least a couple of hours and then open the box outdoors. If the bird takes flight it is safe, otherwise look for the nearest rehabilitation center and deliver the injured bird.

In the case of an injured bird and you are in the woods or in any case far from home, it becomes more difficult to manage the situation. Especially if they are large birds such as the Golden Eagle.

If you have some experience, pick up the animal and set off in search of someone who can provide you with a box.

If you have no experience, do not touch the bird and instead look for some animal shelter or a veterinarian. Contact them by phone and get advice on the most appropriate actions to take.

If you are inexperienced, you risk causing further injuries to the animal and thus frustrating your intent to help it.

What to do with an injured bird but it is only out of the nest

You known that birds often take several days to learn to fly. It may happen that once landed they can no longer take off due to lack of strength. In these cases, the parent will bring the food to the ground until the baby is able to fly.

When we find a bird on the ground that is not injured, it is essential to leave it where it is. The parent may be around and not like your presence.

Photo by Nicolas Savignat

Why do we find injured birds in our garden?

It is useful to know that improper placement of bird food dispensers can often cause accidents.

This is usually because dispensers are placed too close to windows or large glass panes. These glasses in particular light conditions could confuse the birds, which do not see them go on us.

In these cases, wait a moment before picking them up. In most cases the animal recovers by itself and resumes flight.

Another reason always concerns the stained glass windows

A very transparent glass that shows plants and vegetation inside can deceive the birds that, not seeing the obstacle, hit it and injure themselves.

This is usually due to the dispensers being too close to windows or large panes of glass.

It is also possible to apply or make by hand, always on the outside of the glass, decorations or drawings that may be nice to see but that help the birds to understand that there is a dangerous obstacle.

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