Wild Russia Siberia

Siberia – with a National Geographic documentary we discover the coldest inhabited region of the earth.

Siberia, the synonym of cold

In this place, there is one of the climates strongest of the earth. During winter the medium temperature is almost everywhere ten degrease below zero.

Noteworthy, in the regions over the Polar Arctic Circle, the temperature even during summer is cold. The same is also for the zones below and near the Polar Arctic Circle.

Seasonal differences

The big difference between regions of Siberia is in summer. Some regions during summer can become even warm and have a short continental climate.

But the region is even famous for the extreme cold of the winter. Oymayacon is known even as Cold Pole, it is the inhabited place where the temperature can go down up to -70 degrees.

Imagine, the children can go school if the temperature doesn’t be -55 degrees, just over this limit they can stay at home.

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