Serengeti lions of Tanzania

Lions of Tanzania

The lions of Tanzania

Lions of Tanzania, the first time I had the opportunity to do a campsite experience in the Serengeti was many years ago, we were totally inexperienced with wildlife.

First time in Savannah

It was our first experience and our guide even though it was skillful to spot animals far, but he was not very intelligent. He did not advert us the dangers we could run, but only he told us that at night to get out of the tent is better to use a torch.
In fact, we were not completely inexperienced in the sense that we had experienced many adventures in difficult and extreme terrains but never in contact with wild animals that were really dangerous.

The amazing African sky

It was a beautiful evening, very clear the sky. We had supper and then we went to the bathroom to prepare for the night. Time passed fast and when we were been ready, it was dark. We got out and the darkness immediately put us in a state of attention.

It’s amazing how our senses change when it is dark. Instinctively we switch on the torch and we remain incredulous.  We had heard some noise but our inexperience had not allowed us to worry. Behind us, a herd of buffaloes and a group of hyenas were approaching slowly. They were still a bit far away fortunately and then we went fast to our tent.

The meeting with the lions of Tanzania

There were a lot of tents with us, and this made us feel more relaxed so we stayed out of our tent to drink a beer and watching the stars. The millions of stars of a beautiful African night. We could see the milky way and we lost in that vision for several minutes.

But suddenly something alerted my instinct, I felt watched even though it seemed impossible there was someone out there besides us. Lit the flashlight and pointed it in front of us, it was a flash, two lionesses looked us no more than 4 meters on front. Two lions of Tanzania were close to us, an unforgettable emotion.

We did not think, we were in the tent without touching the ground, we had learned to fly. But after no more than 10 seconds we realized that such an opportunity was hard to live yet. So we took fast our cameras and went out to try to photograph our friends, who, however, was in the meantime scared to see us frightened and fled. The night was not quiet anymore, our guide had forgotten to tell us that lions like to copulate in the camping between the tents at night.

The night of the big cats

They arrived and moves between the tents, but as the tents are often very close, and the fastening lanyards crosses, happen that the lions walking and touching the lanyards causing noisy shakes of the small tents, the reaction, especially by the girls inside the tents is inevitable and the cries of terror obviously awake the entire camp.

The adventure pass through the knowledge

That evening in the Serengeti there was no real danger, we would have been quiet we could have photographed it, in your tents in the night in savanna you are not in danger (or almost). That place was known well by guides and they knew that animals were not dangerous.
Animals do not touch you and the tent ( absolutely no food inside), whether lions or elephants or hippo or buffalo does not change, your heart will go at 200 beats per minute feeling such an animal a meter away from you, but in real you are not a prey for him, so he does not touch the tent. Experience with certified guides and you will have a wonderful and safe adventure.

Lions of Tanzania, visit the Tanapa site for more info about Tanzania parks

Lions of Tanzania

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