Wolfpack attack grizzly fighting for food

Wolfpack attack a grizzly

Wolfpack attack Grizzly, the battle for surviving never stop in the wild world

When two alpha animals start to fight usually the result is unpredictable. Who can win if the actors are a wolfpack and a giant Grizzly? Maybe the Grizzly with his huge power? or the Wolfpack with the power of the pack?


In most cases will be the Wolfpack the winner.  Because in virtue of the number that composes the pack can keep the bear under attack continuously for unlimited time. It is easy to think the Grizzly can resist at the attack but not for a long time.

The strategy of the pack is simple, one wolf attack and the bear will fight with him. But the wolf attack is very short, just the time the bear must move and fight. After that, he’ll run away, so immediately another wolf will attack the bear and so on.

Normally the fighting is not very cruel, the wolves don’t need to kill the bear.

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