Scientific Name:  Gulo gulo
English name: Wolverine
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Mustelidae
Link to Red List page: The Red List Page of Wolverine

IUCN red list classification as Least Concern

Where to find

He is present in all the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions, including Europe, Asia, and America.


He lives in all habitats of the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions. So he moves continuously and he visits for example tundra as also northern forests and taiga.


Wolverine dimensions are generous and he is the biggest of Mustelidae family. He is length is between 65 to 110 cm but a male exceptionally can reach the 135 cm. The weight is on average 20 kg anyway the male can reach the 32 kg maximum.


By Jonathan Othén – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Wolverine is a marathon animal, he moves in his areal up to 50 km per day. looking for preys that consist of small rodents, rabbits, marmots, and beavers. Anyway, he is a very good hunter and this ability combined with his strong jaw permit him to kill even preys three or four times bigger than him.

He lives in areas where the life is very hard and the competition for preys is too high. So the scientists think is this the reason because they devour the preys with great emphasis.   In his territories, there are even bears and wolves. So when he has killed the prey mostly times he needs to defend from the wolf packs and brown bears. In the circumstance, he becomes very aggressive and brave, so, many times he can win the battle.

Particular the behavior of reproduction. After mating the embryo remain in a blastocyst stadium. During winter will be implanted and after 30/50 days babies will birth. Weaning phase is about 2/3 months and the kits will remain with her up to one year.

In the culture, he becomes famous after Marvel comics published the comics character, James Howlett. In recent years it became even a famous movie entitled Wolverine.

Finally the Major risks

He has been hunted a lot in the past because of his habit of attack the domestic animals. When he attacks domestic animals most times he kills much more than need. So this is another reason that he has hunted by the farmers. He had even the aptitude to eat the animals captured in the traps of hunters.

So his number is declined but some conservation programs and his character of the long walker helped to grow again.

He has the same problem of polar bears, the global warming reduces the iced territory and consequently reduce his areal.

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