World Lion Day

World Lion Day

World Lion Day 2018

This gallery of lions pictures is by Wild Animals In Wild Lands and is dedicated to all lions friends. Part of the lions in the pics are no more alive. We saw the birth and even sometimes the death of this lions. Sometimes dead because of age, sometimes because of humans. Lions are fundamentals for the biodiversity. Like all the big predators they have a crucial role.

Why a world lion day?

Is 2018 but again we are here to ask at everyone a new effort. The trend, unfortunately, it has not inverted and the lion population is now under 20,000 units. Every year many people join us to claim to the administrations a radical change. But they don’t do enough, the economic interests are big and where is not economic the issue is the politics.

Just an African problem

No, it is not. Obviously, the African continent is the main place of operation but is necessary to create a common sense of protection. So in this Wrld Lion Day, we need to ask to the governs don’t permit the trophy transport. With the excuse of protection again in Africa someone permits the trophy hunting.

Sorry, but in 2018 it looks like a medieval thought. We can’t believe this kind of behavior is good for the progress. It is just the show of the worst human instincts.

Suggestion to Africans people

We hope early the African governs will be enough strong and clever to understand the importance of the lions. We know is not simple to discuss with the tribes that have again ancestral traditions. And it not simple even live with lions. But that is and both are important for the earth and before for their countries. When will the last lion be killed who will go to Africa for tourism? Wild animals are the symbols of Africa and the only real attraction of the continent.

Maybe the new generations will have new life concept. We need to trust in the new generations otherwise for lions will be the end.

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