Yellowstone Park oldest world park

Yellowstone Park oldest world park

Yellowstone Park is the oldest world park

Country: United States
State: Wyoming, Montana, Idaho
Region: Part of Rocky Mountains
Ecosystem: Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Area: 8.983 km2
Established: 1978
Visitors / Y: 4,257,156 (year 2016)
Internet site: Yellowstone National Park

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Lodgepole pine represent the 80% of the trees of Yellowstone forest. It is just one of 1700 trees in the Park. The special ecosystem permit the life of an unusual bacterial population. This bacterial are studied for use as help in medicine, because their characteristics.


Yellowstone park symbol is grizzly. Actually the same level can be considered the gray wolf after the reintroduction in the 1990. The value of the population of wolfs as a result is a benefit for whole ecosystem. We talk about that here because it is long and special argument.
Other animals are the American Bison, coyote, cougar, elk, moose, mule deer, black bear and many other. In Yellowstone are presents six reptiles like prairie rattlesnake. The birds are counted in 311 species including the national bird, the bald eagle.


The park is composed by five different regions, Mammoth Country, Canyon Country, Lake Country, Geyser Country, Roosevelt Country. Any region have different characteristics like the lake Country is the area around the Yellowstone lake. This region is the more populated by wild animals while the Geyser Country is special for geyser.
Geyser Country is where are the major geyser of Yellowstone and also the Old Faithful, the most famous geyser of the world.
Canyon Country is also famous because the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone which include the Lower Falls, very nice and highest the double of Niagara Falls.
Mammoth Country is a thermal area and Roosevelt Country is dedicated to the animals , you can watch herds of elk and bison.
The park main road is around 200 kilometers, but there are many paths, and you can discover the park by walking.

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The climate of the park is variable because there many different zone. The park is generally classified humid continental bu for example the lake region is considered sub arctic. The large forestation and the mountain presence make Yellowstone subject to thunderstorms especially in the afternoon. Temperature can arrive at 37 C degree in summer up to more then -50 C degree in the winter cold nights.

Main attractions

Grizzly, wolves, bison, elks, moose. The Yellowstone Lake, the hot springs, the Old Faithful, the Yellowstone Canyon.

The park

Yellowstone is a magical place, is the oldest park of US and is a symbol of nature magnificent. It was declare park in the 1872 under Grant presidency with the Act of Dedication.
In the 1978 it was declared World Heritage from Unesco.
According with a prof. Jamie Farrell study, under Yellowstone park there is a super volcano. If this volcano will explode will be worldwide consequence.
This is not the only danger in Yellowstone. The particular conformation of the environment, forest and grassland, make it vulnerable to the fire.

It is calculate the grassland fire any 20/25 years and forests any 300 years. Last dramatic event was in the 1988 where more then 30% of the forest burnt. Effect are visible even today 30 years after.
What to do in Yellowstone? there are many activities, from the calm watching geysers to the hiking in mountains. One of the best is watching wild animals. Nothing can give you biggest emotion then to watch a grizzly in his natural habitat and maybe few meters from you. Same concept is valid for wolf or moose or if you are super lucky the cougar.
You can have camping experience and spent night in one or more of the campsites in the park. Is possible even do rafting in the rivers.

In the Yellowstone Lake and Madison River is possible to have fly or lure fishing, special species of trouts are presents. Last activity we suggest you is maybe the more important. You can visit the reservations around the park and discover also the history and life of Native Americans. We don’t talk here about that because will be theme of a special article.


Finally we can say the reasons by to visit Yellowstone are a lot. Maybe for the people 40/50/60 years old there is even another special reason not listed above. In the 1958 William Hanna and Joseph Barbera create the Yoghi Bear. They create even a series where Yoghi is the star with his friend Bubu and the Ranger Smith. The environment is the imaginary Jellystone park, directly inspired from Yellowstone park. The adventures of Yoghi , takes inspiration from the classical and actually theft of picnic baskets by the bears in the park. So who remember that cartoons, will be happy to see the park and the bears which had inspire it.

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