Black Bear An American Friend

Yellowstone Bears in the past

American Black Bear a friend or a robber? Where to find: The black bear is present throughout the North American continent and therefore in a region that goes from Alaska to Mexico including all the states of the United States and Canada. Habitat: The favorite habitat of the black red … Read more

Funny animals fishing in Alaska

Funny animals fishing Funny animals fishing Who has never dreamed of going to fish salmons in Alaska? It is a dream of many world’s fishermen, but are you sure this is a very safe sport? Watching this funny animals fishing video it appears not very safe or at least rich … Read more

Giant Panda

Giant Panda

Giant Panda the symbol of wonderful animal world Where to find: The Giant Panda lives exclusively in the south of Shaanxi province in China. Habitat: He lives in the mountain range of Qinling in the southern Sichuan province. This mountain range is a natural division between Yellow River and Yangzi River … Read more

Alaska Polar Bears And Wildlife Tourism

Polar Bear

Alaska Polar Bears And Wildlife Tourism ABC News television has released a video on Youtube about a strange effect of global warming. In the extremely remote village of Kaktovik tourist are coming for watching polar bears. The global warming has increased the time without ice on the sea of the region. An … Read more