Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Finalists 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is an award born with the finality to help wildlife. This year the finalists are 41 from many countries of the world. It is the third year and the competition is growing. Finality is to help wildlife through conservation. InRead More →

Interaction Human Animals

Between Human and Animals  Interaction Human Animals Interaction Human Animals Seems like a dangerous game? maybe yes… sometimes the lion can remember when was the king of the forest. Therefore will be better to take care while they play. look at this!!   YouTubeRead More →

Lovely animals

Lovely animals Lovely animals Ok is true, these animals are in captivity. Otherwise, I can challenge anyone to pet to a lion in Africa in a free environment. But a question arises spontaneously. Can the wild animals have sentiments? I think so, but in any case, this video shows howRead More →

Wild funny animals This is one a good way for to forget the 2017 and say welcome to 2018,  nice clips, many with wild funny  animalsRead More →

funny animals

Funny animals funny animals funny animals, just for laugh a little bit, there is a better way than a laugh to begin the day? Animals are very funny, especially in the human interaction. It is easy to film they and if they are domestic is even easier. Funny animals areRead More →

Funny animal wild  [wp_bannerize group=”inarticle”] The funny animal in this footage can  watch polar bears, brown bear, monkey, raccoons, lizard, reindeer, gray wolf, red fox, giraffe, flamingos, birds and black bear. So is possible to find funny situation in the world wild? Yes is it, but just is difficult toRead More →

Another funny compilation, dedicated to small animals. It is very funny and it helps you to have a better day. like and share, pleaseRead More →

Is unbelievable, basically we thinks at the wild animals like something untouchable, but this clips showing a different behavior, lion with dogs, monkeys with cats, tiger with bear, discover in this amazing video the side sweet of the wild [wp_bannerize group=”inarticle”]Read More →

Funny snake Funny snake Just to say good morning with big smile, sometimes snake have strange behavior, watch the movie and change your day   Joke of the day A horse into a bar A farmer walks into a bar with a horse. He says, “I will give any ofRead More →

In this video we can enjoy of hilarious moments of our funny wild animals, we love the ice bears and you? comment pleaseRead More →

This video is really very funny, specially the goat is so crazy.. watch and like pleaseRead More →

This funny video will help us to relax a little bit, but i want to remark that many of the action in the video are in wild area like national parks, please the interaction from wild animals and human is a bad practice, specially to give food, this behavior exposeRead More →

Very funny compilation of our friends bearsRead More →