Jokes between poodle and parrot

Funny dogs

A huge trucker sits in a bar for a drink, when a lousy little guy comes in and asks who owns the pit bull who is out.The trucker yells “It’s MY dog! You have a problem ? “The little guy answers “No, there is nothing but I think that my … Read more

Funny parrots and his friends

Funny parrot in pose

Funny parrot Funny parrots – In London, a very elegant City banker with bowler hat, umbrella, cane and black suit meets a punk with red and green hair at a bus stop. The old banker looks at the punk with an air of disdain. Punk asks him: – Do you … Read more

The Parrot and the Magician

Funny parrot

Joke of the day The magician  and the parrot This is the story of a magician who did his shows during cruises in the West Indies in a luxury ship. While the public is renewed every 15 days, the magician allows himself to repeat the same numbers again and again, … Read more

A Crazy Parrot Meets An Old Friend

A Crazy Parrot

The Joke Of The Day A Crazy Parrot A lady wants a pet to have some company while her children are at school and her husband is at work. After thinking about it, he decides to discard dogs and cats because they are too busy. Better a nice parrot who … Read more