For Safari Lovers Lions vs Zebra Hunting

Lions vs zebra in Africa

Lions vs Zebra

Lions vs Zebra is one of the most impressive scenes that you can see in safari. Obviously, I’m not talking about hunting by human but hunting by predators.  Also one of the more spectacular is the hunting by lionesses.

It is not easy to see, most of the times it is happening in nocturnal hours. When the predator can take advantage of darkness. Watching the video you can see the preparing of attack. Unfortunately is not showed the strategy used by the lionesses, just an aerial movie toke from above can show it.  Anyway, you can see the lioness cringe and move very slowly inside the grass. In this phase, the other lionesses are moving around creating a situation where the target is pushed to be isolated from the herd. If it doesn’t happen the strategy will change and also the position of the lionesses change.

In the video, it is showed very well this case, but even the second attempt is in the same line, a lioness prepare the attack from behind and when she starts all depends from the distance and reflex of the prey. Lioness runs 35 miles per hours and it not very different from zebra.   However, the lioness can reach even 50 miles per hours for limited lengths and most of the time is enough.

A different strategy

Another hunting strategy of lions consists of the forced isolation of a weak element of the heard. Calves or injured animals are the preferred prey of predators. The reason is simple they are easiest to hunt, the success possibility of attack is higher. Need to remember that 50% of the attacks only have success.

It is the cycle of the life in Savannah, there is no choice, predator or prey you must to fight for survival.

A park where you can see lions vs zebra is the South African Kruger National Park